Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A shift, for a time, no essays, this space is turning into a political blog until the election is over

Sorry, I have been entirely too anxious about this election. I really like McCain generally. I have been a big fan of his for a while. I like his honesty, his independent streak. I just don't think he would make a good president.

Actually, I think the Republican party is in trouble, they have gone off the deep end. Everything is a slogan for them, and sloganeering politics tends to send you off a cliff into extremism, and that, in my mind is what this party has become. The Democrats, by contrast, has largely been the party of pragmatism and moderation, almost by default...

So, in that vain, no more essays for a while, just many, many quick hitting blog posts.

Here, I'm referencing another's blog. It explains in great simplicity why McCain's foreign policy views are extreme and dangerous. Also, it shows how willing he is to lie about Obama to win this election.

McCain didn't use to be a liar, sadly, he's turning into one to win an election.

Here's the post: Smears and Fears


One quote from the post:
"Even the successful removal of the Taliban has led, six years later, to a long and grueling counter-insurgency with no end in sight and a reconstituted al Qaeda in a nuclear-armed, unstable state. The invasion of Iraq - in the abstract, a noble cause against an evil enemy - has caused the deaths of hundreds of thousands, the displacement of millions, the price of $3 trillion ... all for a less despotic Shiite government in league with Iran, making contracts with China. And that's if it turns out as a success."

And Another:
"It has been to propose a "surge" in Afghanistan, to aggressively embrace open-ended commitment to Iraq (if the Iraqis can be pressured hard enough), and to launch one new hot war against Iran and another cold one - and hot, by proxies - against Russia. And the way in which the question is debated - around asinine concepts of "toughness" or "sissiness" - leads to facile decisions."


Writermama said...

Scott, I am excited about reading your blog over the next few months. I agree w/you about McCain--it almost makes me physically ill to see what he has become, although as a leftist Democratic I would have never voted for him anyway. Your excitement about Obama is inspiring (truth be told, Obama's move to the center has been distressing to me, although I realize it's politically expedient for him to do so--he has my vote and has always had my support).

Writermama said...

And I also admire you for supporting Obama while you are a member of a religion that (much to my chagrin) leans towards the Republican side, and for supporting Obama so vigorously in land of McCain.