Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Generation We

Its this kind of message that makes me dizzy and unrationally in love with Barack Obama. Obama really is the first national politician to really hit this nerve. It's exactly the kind of think I am personally in love with. I'm not sure how real it is, and I am sure there are some problems with it, but its worth seeing how a movement like this turns out.

This, my friends, is not a movement of socialism. It is "Yes We Can", it is government by the people, for the people. Really, what Obama is about is not national mandates, but more national empowerment and mobilization. With a little help from the government, and a lot of encouragement from the presidential pulpit, what Obama will try to do is to help unify and mobilize all of us to change our country and the world.

It's also about a quest to move the national conversation away from divisive issues that have both stagnated and divided our nation, like abortion, onto real problems where national unity is possible.

It's why the baby boomer politicians yawn when Obama refers to his legislation to help secure nuclear missiles. "That's no brainer legislation", they say. But that's the point. Let's tackle real problems with real solutions. These might be "no brainer" kind of issues, but it will take all of us to solve it.

Am I too old to be part of Generation We?


proud parents said...

Never mind his extreme pro-abortion views? Or other character flaws of which the media is doing a good job of looking the other way? Sorry. I had to throw that out there.

tempe turley said...

proud parents,

I appreciate your opinion, but I guess I don't agree.

Personally, I don't believe Obama has extreme abortion views. I think he started from a pretty traditional, Democratic pro choice position and has moderated himself on this issue over time.

Currently, he's stated that he supports restrictions on late term abortion (except when a mother's life is in danger), but more freedoms granted to the mother to make the decision earlier on in a pregnancy.

But I understand why you view his position as extreme. I am sure you hold a pretty extreme pro life view as well.

It seems there are only two views on this issue extreme left and extreme right. In regards to abortion we are all extremists.

Just wish there was more room for a middle ground.