Saturday, March 28, 2009

10,000 Hour Theory Part IV

Just liked this rebuttal to Malcolm Gladwell...

Good quote:

"This review captures what's been driving me crazy over the last year... an unbelievable proliferation of anecdotes disguised as science, self-professed experts writing about things they actually know nothing about, and amusing stories disguised as metaphors for how the world works. Whether it's Thomas Friedman, who, it seems, cannot go a whole week without inventing a new fruit-based metaphor explaining everything about the entire modern world, all based on some random jibberish he misunderstood from a taxi driver in Kuala Lumpur, or Malcolm Gladwell with his weak theories on tipping points, crazy incorrect theories on first impressions, or utterly lunatic theories on experts, it all becomes insanely popular simply because the stories are fun and interesting and everybody wants to hear a good story. Spare me."

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Davey said...

Yeah, this pretty much distilled much of the criticism of Gladwell that I've read. And it's what I meant earlier when I said mentioned the allowances that Glad well gives himself in terms of scientific rigor.