Tuesday, September 15, 2009

JDRF Walk For a Cure Update

A few posts ago I posted a plea to help us raise money for diabetes research. I just wanted to clear up a few points just to make sure.

I know there are many worthy causes out there and I know for many people money is tight, so it would be a wonderful thing if you have the time just to walk with us. It would be a wonderful emotional support for our daughter Lizzie if we had a nice big crowd of walkers all wearing our soon to be created "Live for Lizzie" t-shirt. And as we take pictures of the event, it would be something nice for her to look back on to see a big crowd of walkers supporting her specifically, especially as she hits discouraging times in the future and she's tempted to slacken her efforts to manage her own blood sugar.

If you can donate money, great! There are a lot of promising avenues of diabetes research in the works and it would be a wonderful life changing event for Lizzie if a cure for her condition were found. Any money you could donate would work to keep scientists and researchers employed looking for a cure.

As a reminder, the website to donate and to register as a walker are here:


If you enter "Live for Lizzie" as the team name and "Arizona" as the state, you'll find currently three walkers on our team. I'm the team captain, Scott Turley (you can also look for me as a walker), but you could donate money on behalf of any of the walkers and it will go toward the team.

If you register as a walker it will ask you for a donation goal. Feel free to fill in anything you want there, but don't feel obligated to do anything extra to raise money. Don't feel obligated, but anything you were able to do would be greatly appreciated as well. But please if you plan on walking (I know some of you are out there) be sure to register so that we can get an accurate tally of the number of walkers when we get the t-shirts made.

By the way, so many people have said so many nice things about our video and have graciously passed it on to others. There are over 200 views of the video on youtube currently, so I know many people have gotten a glimpse of what we go through every single day.

Despite the challenges, Lizzie is doing wonderful and I'm sure she'll look forward to a happy and wonderful life, but there are a growing number of children who share in this struggle. So a donation to jdrf not only helps Lizzie but helps so many other children and families.

Thank you for all of your support so far and we look forward to having a successful walk this Halloween.

The details of the walk are here:


City: Tempe, AZ
Venue: Tempe Town Lake
Date of Walk: 10/31/2009
Registration Start Time: 7:30 AM
Walk Start Time: 9:00 AM
Length of Walk: 5K
Contact Person: Ashley Benedetto
Local Chapter: Desert Southwest Chapter
Local Chapter Phone: (602)224-1800

By the way, just a reminder, the video follows:

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