Friday, January 1, 2010

What I got for Christmas/New Years Resolution, 2010 edition

I just got through reading my 2009 resolution post here, and I decided to do it again.

What I got for Christmas:

My best gift: GPS receiver. Not a phone that I have to pay $30/month extra to browse the internet on (on top of the money I pay for voice, on top of the money I pay for high speed internet at home). I mean how much money do I have to pay to ensure 100% access to the internet. Already I have something like 85-90% access. But, having navigational ability is a huge benefit, and having a device dedicated to that has been really fun. I've been navigating my way all over town whether I already know where I'm going or not. Thank you Sara for thinking of me.

Other gifts I enjoyed: A book, an i-tunes gift certificate, and lots and lots of time with family. What better?

This time my wife didn't get anything that I would personally enjoy. I've given up my desire (at least for now) of giving her electronic toys that she never uses. That iPod touch I gave her last year, well, its basically mine, since she rarely uses and I've found all sorts of fun uses - eReader (I have the Kindle for iPod app and can now read while being near a fussy baby at night; waiting for an appointment; etc); blog reader; facebook; pandora; access to work e-mail at home; calendar and to-do's which can be accessed off-line and sync'd later.

So, yes, I love Christmas. I love getting gifts I may not have thought of myself or at least letting someone else go through the hassle of buying it for me. And, of course, splurging on my kids, and having a little time off. What can I say?

And I love the New Years, the fresh start. 2009 is now history, today is the first day of the new year. I give myself a 50% completion of my resolutions from last year. I think I got them about half right, which isn't so bad I say.

So for 2010:

1) An extra focus along with my wife to record every last blood sugar measurement, the basal rates, the bolusing, the food. Of courses, we may not be 100%. This is an incredibly difficult thing to do, but I want to be much better. Our daughter was too high, too often in 2009, and as she grows and as her body changes, we may need to make insulin adjustments, but we need to have a really good understanding of what's happening. And this takes extra careful recording. We did an Ok job of this in 2009, and highs and lows are just part of the diabetes game until technology improves or a cure is found. But, maybe in 2010, we can find ways to make this easier (I got my iPod touch tracking program geared up and ready to go).

2) I want to write an iPod app for my touch? Not sure about this, but I think I want to try.

3) I want to get my blog converted over to wordpress - to make it more customizable. I don't really feel the need to make my blog all nice and pretty. Its more about content for me than presentation. And I also really love things to be as minimal as possible (I much, much, much prefer google to yahoo - can you guess why?), but I want to see what wordpress can do from a customization point of view - I have my reasons.

4) I made this goal last year and failed miserably, but I want to try again. I want to have something to bring to our next year's talent show. This year we didn't have one. Next year we will and I want to have something prepared for it.

5) More money saved, more money spent on my house. In 2009, I focused a lot on savings for most of the year, but some of that got sabotoged because I also wanted to make home improvements (which we did). So, I want to continue it in 2010, maybe focused a little more on spending on the house, a little less on saving. But I didn't quite reach my savings goals, so I want to at least make up for that in 2010.

6) Better diet/better exercise. I experimented a lot with schedule in 2009. More experimentation is on the way. Maybe there's a way for my wife and I to go to the gym together (using the at-gym day care), we'll see.

7) Better time management at work. My colleague and I have already planned to help each other on this front, tweaking and planning to make it work in a sustainable way.

8) And much more game playing with my kids (and more time playing chess on the iPod). Wonderful thing to do for a variety of reasons.

We'll see how I do!

In the meantime, I hope you had a Happy Holidays and a very nice 2010.

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