Thursday, July 29, 2010

Good Kindergartend Teachers are worth $320,000/year

Wow, just wow.

When I read stuff like this, I want to know what makes a good kindergarten teacher a good kindergarten teacher. Our oldest is already passed that stage and you're hoping she's well on her way, I'm sure she is - Sara was teaching her... But at the time I kinda thought, no big deal, its only kindergarten. But our son is going to be starting kindergarten, and now I really want to know.

Any ideas?


Rachel said...

Super interesting article, Scott. Thank you for posting it.

As for good teachers? I have often said, "I don't think I have unrealistic standards. Just please, please, don't stomp out my child's natural desire to learn."

Another thought is that I am much, much, much more concerned that a teacher LIKE my child, than I am any of their qualifications or experience.

proud parents said...

For me, it's these qualifications:
1. Child advocate
2. Holistic approach
3. Adept not just at the material, but how to teach and present the material

Pretty much in that order.