Friday, September 24, 2010

Some Election Day Updates

So, It's a busy season. We're really trying to raise money for JDRF and I'm trying to get ultra-informed about the incoming election and doing my part to inform whoever else who might be reading these blogs.

I wanted to link in Robert Robb's opinions on the Superintendent of public instruction.

In his opinion, he feels both candidates are solid:

"The nominees of both parties, Republican John Huppenthal and Democrat Penny Kotterman, were well informed and articulate. The exchange was, as the contestants described it, spirited, but very constructive.

This race features what competitive democracy promises but rarely delivers: a clear policy choice, honestly conveyed and debated, between two candidates well-qualified to deliver on what voters decide."


"Huppenthal is a longtime state legislator who has specialized in education issues. He's also a policy geek who likes to wallow in data.

Huppenthal is as informed a champion for conservative education reform as the state could ask for. His general approach would be to improve student performance through better and more comprehensive accountability measures.

Kotterman is a longtime teacher. She's steeped in educational policy matters through her activities with the Arizona Education Association, including a stint as its president.

Her general approach is more traditional. According to her, teachers need more support and money to do a better job. She doesn't oppose accountability but is skeptical about basing it principally on student performance on standardized tests, rather than a more holistic approach."

Robb prefers Huppenthal's approach. I guess I prefer's Kotterman's approach, but it seems to me if the choice is between a long time educator and a long time legislator who specialized in education the educator would be the one to choose. But, maybe I'm missing something here.

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