Friday, October 15, 2010

Quick Post on the Corporation Commission

Just partially listened to the debate on Channel 8:

Sadly, one of the candidates recently passed away and to tell you the truth, he didn't look too healthy in the debate...

I don't have a huge issue with the three remaining (ok four, the libertarian candidate seemed pretty good too).

I think right now I'm leaning toward Gary Pierce and David Bradley.

I actually don't see a lot of differences between Gary Pierce and Brenda Burns, but Pierce is the encumbent and seems to know the issues better in my mind.

Bradley has a stronger emphasis on renewable energy, Pierce's focus is on keeping utility rates low.

Remember, though, the Republican party is the only party in the world that doesn't believe global warming exists.

So, I do think we have to get to clean energy, I do want folks on the corporation commission who agree with that. I do think costs are another very important factor however, and it seems like David Bradley gets that balance.

But I'm not sure you can go wrong, ultimately, with any of the three.

Full Disclosure - Gary Pierce is from Yuma - and yes I knew him, and yes, he's my facebook friend :-).

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