Saturday, January 28, 2012

Canvassing Day

Today, I took my son and we knocked some Tempe neighborhood doors in support Mark Mitchell for mayor, Corey Woods, Joel Navarro, and Kolby Granville for city council.

These are the Democrats running for city positions. I met with 10 people, all registered Democrats, and talked to I think 7 who were ready to vote for these people. Most of the doors I knocked on were not home, the rest had barely any idea there was a city race going on. I guess this is to be expected.

I did my best to sound knowledgeable about these candidates although actually I barely know them. My main goal is to just get people aware of an election and to be aware of these candidates.

By the way, my six year old son really seemed to enjoy it... well tolerate it.

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Rachel said...

Oh man, have you seen this? I was just dying laughing.