Sunday, March 11, 2012

Who I'm Going to Vote For on Tuesday

I admit, I'm very easily influenced by the folks at the Arizona Republic.  Here are my picks:

Mayor:  Mark Mitchell.  He's been in city council for 3 terms now.   He has the connections and the experience to "Keep Tempe Different".  I'm not sure I trust Monti.  My barber told me he's basically ruined the restaurant.  It's believable because I've been there a couple of times, and I was surprised how bland the food was.  I was expecting it to be a lot better.  Is this what I want from my mayor?

City Council:

Corey Woods:  He actually came to my house and shook my hand and this isn't the first time I've met him.  He was at the city of Tempe Easter egg hunt, and by all accounts he's everywhere doing everything.   He has a ton of energy and passion and deserves to stay in there.

Kolby Granville:  He has some really smart commentary on his website about Mill Avenue, density in Tempe.  He's been on the peace corp and has been active in the community.

Dick Foreman:  Dude, he wants to build a sandy beach and swimming pool at Tempe Town Lake AND he wants to run a street car basically from our house right to this sandy beach.  What's not to like?

It helps that these are exactly the candidates Arizona Republic endorsed.

So, the election is in two days, please try to change my mind :-).


Nick in Tempe said...

So, let's get this straight. Mark gets your vote simply for sitting as a council member and Monti is out because of a bland meal? Doesn't seem like any real political reasoning, to me.
As a business owner, I am much more inclined to support someone who has had hundreds of employees, dealt with the city and has leadership qualities rather than a career politician light on ideas and any real leadership skills. Heck, his peers haven't had anything positive to say about him. Hopefully, you make a better decision in the next election now that the race is down to two people.
For council, Mr. Foreman has WAY more experience and city knowledge than his opponent.
Just my .02 :)

tempe turley said...


If your primary qualification for office is that you own a business but your business offering basically sucks, doesn't that disqualify you? It does in my book.

I still have a lot more research to do on the Foreman/Granville race. The main problem is that there is very little information out there on these local races.

Kolby Granville said...

If you are looking for more information about where I stand on various issues, you can find it at

And thank you for taking an interest in city government!

Feel free to email me ( or call me (602-492-5354) any time.