Sunday, July 29, 2012

US Congressional District 9 Candidates Part 2

I blogged the CD 9 debate some time ago.  I want to finish this now.

This is an hour long debate, I'm not exactly sure where I ended this last time, I'm going to pick it up half way, well at the 26:47.

At this point in the debate, they are talking about how to balance the budget, Vernon Parker.  The refusal to raise taxes has become religious dogma to this Republican party.  I don't mind lowering the tax rate as long as we close loopholes.  I think the overall goal is to raise revenue.  We have to raise revenue to pay for our aging population.  He also wants to flat out cut federal departments:  the Department of Education, Energy.  There is no role for the federal government in education or energy for the Republican party.  It's an uncompromising, extreme federalist position that I happen to disagree with.  The federal government has a role.

Can I go ahead and skip Wendy Rogers from here on out?  She is extremely, well extreme.  Just one more, she'll cut social security and medicare (well she uses the word reform), but not defense.

Sepulveda up next.  Again, I'm totally in favor of cutting the corporate income tax that no corporation actually pays.  Let's cut the rate and the loopholes.  The poor do not pay income tax, true, but they do pay taxes, payroll and sales tax.  Republicans want to cut the corporate tax cut, but increase taxes on the poor.  Strange.

Schapira up next.  Democrats of course go after defense first.  But we have to look at revenue especially by increasing taxes on the rich.  This won't get us all the way there given our demographic pressures and the growing cost of health care.  He's after the Republicans.  They want to break the promise to our seniors and increase taxes on the poor.

Sinema up.  Bush tax cuts have not helped the middle class.   Broaden the base and lower the rate.  This is common sense.  Strange only Democrats are proposing this.  Cutting cold war relics in our defense is also common sense, strange also the Republicans are so stubborn on this.

Closing comments:

Jeff Thompson:  Very angry.  Extreme.  He would be a terrible candidate.  I'm guessing he won't be selected.

Travis Grantham:  Another extreme candidate. 

Andrei Cherney:  He's extremely smart, a Harvard grad.  He's worked in Bill Clinton's administration.   He's against bailing out the big banks.  I'm wondering what his alternative to the bailouts?  Not an easy thing to do with a teetering economy. 

Krysten Sinema:  She is touting her moderate, working with both sides of the aisle credentials.  Quickest way to my heart I would say.

David Schapira:  He's been playing a dual role, he's on a school board and a member of the State Senate.  He has a strong bias toward education, though, it seems like enhancing the funding of our current system.  I haven't heard much from him on specific reforms.  Good position if you think our current system is the best one, something I don't believe in.

Martin Sepulveda:  Government is best when it governs the least.  We don't need the government in every facet of our lives.   He served nine years in the Chandler city council.  He was born and raised here.

Wendy Rogers:  She goes to the office.  She has to meet pay roll. 

Vernon Parker:  He would honor social security, in response to Schapira.  He has a lot of endorsements.

The person who is moderating the debate closes with a plea to work together, to compromise.  There are good ideas on both sides of the aisle.  Yes!  Second, he quotes Thomas Jefferson citing the importance of a strong and effective press.  

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