Friday, August 15, 2014

The Primary Election

Fortunately for me, since I'm a registered democrat, I only have to figure out the Tempe City Council and the Superintendent of Public Instruction. The rest are running unopposed (or simply nobody is running). There are a a couple of more candidates on the ballet, but I'm only listing those that have a contended primary race. A couple of points:
  1. Really nobody should be voting in an early ballot. Why rob yourself time to figure out the candidates - unless you know for sure ahead of time, but who does?
  2. Really everyone should be voting in the primary. Some key electoral decisions are happening here and those choices are gone in the general election.
Get informed and vote.

PositionMy PickArizona Republic's OpinionBrief Explanation
Republic Primary CD 9NeitherNeitherWendy Rogers is extreme and incompetent and Andrew Walters is just incompetent. Kirsten Sinema has been gifted the race this year - strange.
Republican GovernorScott SmithDoug DuceyI didn't like Ducey in his run for treasure and I still feel that way. The Arizona Republic thinks he did a great job as treasurer and likely that's the case. He's just a bit too conservative, red-meat for my taste. Meanwhile, Scott Smith was effective as Mesa mayor - which actually is a much better forum to prepare for governor and he's a more moderate voice.
Republican Attorney General>Mark BrnovichMark BrnovichAnybody but Tom Horne
Republican Secretary of StateMichele ReganMichele Regan Regan seems like the best of the bunch for this position. Pierce is getting some questionable funding and Cardon is too extreme.
Republican TreasurerHugh HallmanHugh Hallman
I liked Hallman as Tempe mayor. The other candidates do not have the right temperament for the job.
Democratic Superintendent of Public InstructionDavid GarciaDavid GarciaThe Republican candidates are terrible. This will be a true test to see if voters are awake if they continue to elect Huppenthal for this position. Both Democratic candidates have deep education experience. Garcia seems to have more relevant experience for this particular position.
Republican Arizona Corporation CommisionUndecidedLucy Mason and Tom Forese
Tempe City CouncilUndecidedShana Ellis, Dick Foreman, and David SchapiraI like the AZ Republican picks, but I also like Lauren Kuby and I'm sorry to say but I simply don't know enough about Robin Arredondo-Savage to have an opinion. This one needs a bit more careful study before I decide.


Anonymous said...

What evidence do you offer that Wendy Rogers and Andrew Walters are incompetent?


tempe turley said...

Thanks David...

Anonymous said...

Seems like you are just serving as an echo chamber for with little analysis of your own? The article says Walters wasn't aware of the details of two border issues, but his web page shows that he does have some other ideas for immigration reform with his wife being from Taiwan. Rogers may have not answered their questions but that isn't a sign of competence. Walters and Rogers had two debates after that AZCENTRAL article but before you web posting. Info from that debate could have helped you really determine if either one was competent.

It seems like you are just serving as an echo chamber for with little analysis or research of your own. Further, it seems you show a negative bias if the candidate is Republican especially if the candidate is non-LDS (e.g., mayor of Mesa). I'd appreciate it if you would be more subtle with your anti-Republicanism so it is harder for me to detect. Make it a challenge, at least, for me.