Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A little fun with Sarah Palin

Truth be told, I like Sarah Palin generally, but I don't like her on this ticket... at all. It is completely obvious to me that John McCain used her as a prop, a gimmick, and not much else. Its completely obvious to me that she's not ready for a position this high.

I like her because she seems to have some obvious political skill, a ton of courage, and was a rising star in the Alaskan political scene. I think some of the attacks used against her experience as it relates to her performance as an Alaskan politican are unfair. She took earmarks, but Alaska has a long tradition of doing so, and she did reduce the amount. She did shake things up there, but to be fair, she also came in when things were already getting shacken up. But the problem is that she hasn't been governor very long, and the politics of Alaska are so different from the politics in other states.

By all accounts, she seems to have hardly had a serious thought about national security, foreign policy, and the national economy.

So far on the campaign trail, she's had exactly two interviews (one of them a Fox news cream puff) and one speech and really has done nothing else, not a single press conference. She has strong opinions on oil and on the Alaskan environment (views that contradict McCain by the way), but not much a clue on anything else. McCain, for his part, is shielding her from the press, attacking the press for not showing "deference", and then using her symbolism for all its worth.

Its a cheap political ploy. McCain deserves to lose the election based solely on this one fact about his campaign.

At any rate, have fun with this hilarious clip from Jon Stewart:


Julie said...

Many Alaskans, however, think she's been very bad for their state. In fact, according to USA Today, the biggest political rally ever was an anti-Sarah Palin rally the other day.

McCain was so reckless with this choice, and I kind of hate him for it.

I think she's pure ambition, and not much else.

I'm not sure really what there is to like about her based on everything I've read, but that's just me.

my computer's so old it got stuck on the jon stewart clip.

tempe turley said...


I'm sure your news sources have been largely a little biased, so keep that in mind.

She has extremely high approval ratings in Alaska, so most people do like her, although maybe not enough to throw a rally for her.

There are a few things to like about her:

Despite her extreme views on abortion and other similar issues, she chose not to introduce (and even, if I remember correctly, stopped) any legislation in this regard. Instead, she wanted her focus of her administration to be on the pipeline she was trying to build.

She definitely as pretty extreme religious views, but she seems to govern largely independent from that.

It's hard to say, though, because she really hasn't governed very long...

But you have to admire her courage, her charisma, and her political skill.

But VP? No.

Julie said...


Many fascist dictators have also had courage, charisma and political skill. Palin does have awesome hair, though.

Actually, I would say the vast majority of my news sources have been very mainstream. And doesn't any written article published anywhere have some kind of an inherent bias?

Palin was just in NYC and refused to meet/greet the public. Doesn't sound very politically skilled to me.

I think you are a fantastic brother!