Saturday, May 30, 2009

Grace - Another Example

Today, my wife called me frantically (she's with the grandparents for a short visit). Her parents agreed to watch all three of our kids so that she could attend the temple with her sisters. She has been unable to go at all for a long time. Babysitting our family has taken on another level of complexity especially around mealtime - which is why we don't go out much alone, when we do, we squeeze it in between meals and we usually take our baby with us. Its just too much to ask someone to watch a diabetic 6 year old, a newborn who doesn't use the bottle or a pacifier, and a third little boy who also demands attention.

Well, diabetes is common and we live with it 24 hours a day, seven days a week so its easy to get sucked into this idea that you can thrust this disease on someone else, no matter how well-intentioned, without some pretty thorough training. But complacency can also lead to disaster, and for us it almost did.

Our daughter ate something, calories were read instead of carbs, and she was diagnosed for 170 (some-odd) carb, 4.8 units of insulin, when it should have been like 2. When my wife finally called to check in, and she heard this statistic (one unit of insulin can drop blood sugar by 100), she freaked out.

She directed her mother to see if our daughter was tired, she was. She told her to check blood sugar, she did, it read low (which means less than 20). This was low enough our daughter should have been passed out with an ambulance on its way. Instead she was playing computer games - go figure.

She was given a lot of sugar and some food. Her blood sugar went up to a safer levels, and all was well.

But we are convinced angels intervened on ours and her behalf because we just cannot understand how she was still functioning as well as she was with a blood sugar as low as hers was.

We're convinced it was grace.


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Definitely some angels watching over that little girl there. What a relief! These are some of the things we don't think about when we are fortunate enough to have kids we can leave with just about anyone. There needs to be a diabetic support group that enables parents to get out once in a while, away from the 24/7 worry, and do it worry free. You know, like the state assisted program that provides babysitters for parents with disabled children. Maybe one of your friends could just learn about this diabetes stuff and help you out. (That was a hint hint to myself!)