Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Republican Party is out of their Mind Lately

Loved this post entitled Republicans The Really Stupid Party.

Brad DeLong is an economists I've been following a lot lately, largely sympathetic of Obama's economic policies of late.

But apparently, the Republican Party has passed a resolution to ask the Democratic party to rename themselves the "Democrat Socialist Party". What?

DeLong says:

"Since Obama is not a socialist--at most he's a Keynesian, and less of a Keynesian than many of us would wish--this is the equivalent for a political party of defecating in its own pants: something that two-year-olds do because they haven't quite got the "you can control your own anal sphincter muscle" business down, something three-year-olds do when mad because it gets your parents' attention and makes them upset, and something four-year-olds and up realize hurts them more than anyone else.

Most disturbing is the absence of Republican push back from politicians and intellectuals. If the Democratic National Committee were to pass a resolution stating "Resolved, that we the members of the Democratic National Committee recognize that the Republican Party is dedicated to restructuring American society along fascist ideals," Democratic office-holders, candidates, and intellectuals would be out there in angry mobs, denouncing the DNC as having done something stupid and false, something damaging to the party and destructive for America. And I would be out there with them, denouncing the DNC in terms that make my views on Hillary Rodham Clinton and Ira Magaziner's stewardship of health care reform in 1993-1994 look like weak toast, or milk tea."

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