Saturday, June 13, 2009

Proposed Cuts in Medicaid will Threaten Coverage of Diabetes Pumps

We just received this e-mail:

"Dear JDRF Families:

The state's Medicaid program, the Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System (AHCCCS) recently announced their Benefit Re-Design Proposal in an effort to address Arizona 's significant fiscal challenges and a substantial growth in the Medicaid population. One coverage cut that has been proposed is the elimination of Insulin Pumps for Adults (age 21+) living with diabetes.

This is a grave disservice to the diabetes community and we are asking for your help in fighting this proposed cut. AHCCCS is accepting public comment on this issue until June 26th via email. There is a public hearing scheduled for this Monday, June 15th at the AHCCCS Administration building in Phoenix from 3:00 to 4:30 p.m. We urge you to email with why coverage of insulin pumps is important for adults living with diabetes.

AHCCCS is recommending that coverage for pumps be eliminated for ADULTS ONLY, and though this may not apply to you or your loved one, it is still important that we fight this recommendation. Whether this directly affects you and your family, or whether or not you or a loved one utilizes the pump, allowing AHCCCS to eliminate this coverage will negatively the diabetes community and places access to quality care in jeopardy. When drafting your email, please include specific examples of how insulin pumps have helped your family manage their diabetes. If you or your loved one does not use the pump, please keep in mind the pump has been proven in a number of case studies to 1.) help patients better controlled blood glucose levels, 2.) benefit those suffering hypoglycemia unawareness and 3.) benefit those who are pregnant. Also remember, currently AHCCCS does not cover Diabetes Self Management Training, and that with this cut; AHCCCS will be even greater limiting access to quality care for those living with diabetes.

These recommendations will have to pass through the legislative process and once we have more information on exactly how the recommendations will move forward we will be reaching out again to you for your help in defeating the legislation before it has a chance to go to the Governor for her signature."

This irritates me to no end. We have massive waste in our health care system. But diabetes management is not one of them...

By the way here is the complete list:

- Emergency Dental Services
- Medically Necessary Dentures
- Genetic Testing
- Orthotics
- Insulin Pumps
- Services by a Podiatrist
- Percussive Vests
- Gastric Bypass Surgery
- Allergic Immunotherapy
- Well exams for adults
- Bone-Anchored Hearing Aids
- Cochlear Implants

- Non Emergency Medical Transportation (not available for waiver groups in Maricopa
and Pima counties)
- Negative Pressure Wound Therapy
- Somnography (limit to 1 study/year)
- Physical Therapy (limit to 6 visits/year)
- Durable Medical Equipment (limit to Medicare covered items only)
- Prosthetics (limit non-implantable items to $12,500/year)
- Transplants (selected limitations)

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