Saturday, June 27, 2009

More on Celebrity

Something that really bugs me about how I'm managing my life and my last Michael Jackson post is that like most people, I'm consumed with primarily national news and enjoy mainly worldwide celebrities. One of my goals is to delve deeper into my community, and we try. We want to consume locally and contribute where we can.

The funny thing even my small professional contributions are on a global scale as well. When you work at a multinational company, the code I write for them is executed by millions of people potentially all over the world (our latest release was targeted for users in England, our next release is heading to France)...

But local events have a pretty big influence over my quality of life. I have to drive by two unfinished condominium towers in downtown Tempe that may never be finished, but leave their shadows across our community. When our local government decides to balance the state budget on the back of our schools, here and here, that effects me.

And I should spend my money on the local art community, the local farmer's markets, local businesses, etc. But most importantly, I should be more aware about what's going on in the state capital building just a small number of miles from my house, and maybe a little, tiny bit less aware of what's going on in cities thousands of miles away.

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