Saturday, July 4, 2009

My Birthday

Its coming up, not right away, but in just over a month... And I'm one who tries to be a little innovative when it comes to celebrating it... Here are some highlights:

1) It all started when the birthday after I graduated from college, I told nobody about it and didn't really celebrate it, and when I told my sister I told nobody, she rebuked me using some sort of phrase like: "This is the celebration of your life, darn it." So I vowed from then on I was going to celebrate my birthday.

2) The next year (I think), I decided to do have a birthday week. I did a different thing every day... A hike up camelback, a visit to a poetry slam (these are quite incredible things, highly entertaining, but something I haven't done or even heard about in a while - have they died?), visited a museum, I can't remember the rest...

3) Hosted a poetry/music/talent sharing party, where folks shared their stuff - kinda a smaller scale, more intimate talent show/show and tell experience for adults.

4) Took a trip to San Francisco with friends - quite fun and memorable.

5) Shortly before G. W. Bush's 2004 presidential campaign, we hosted a political party where we played political games and I offered plenty of political propaganda for folks to take part in...

6) Last year we went campaigning and had cake and ice cream... Perfect.

But now, Seth Godin goes ahead and one ups me with this post...

Now I'm going to have to get real serious... I don't want to get all hallmarky and I definitely don't want my birthday to be "both selfish and small-minded." (although the idea behind birthdays is to be a little selfish, right?). No, I want to "think bigger."

I love his idea that in honor of his birthday people would start "a project, launch an idea or engage in a difficult interaction that made something good happen. Make a difference day."

That's cool, but that's so Seth Godin... Let me think what could work for me... Any suggestions?

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H said...

We could combine all those holiday ideas and... march in our own parade with the sparklers I bought in NM and illegally brought over the AZ/NM border, do a service project in your honor and then all go buy a Chevy. (one, run-down, cheap Chevy and give it away?)

This is a tough one Scott. I tend to be the ignor my birthday kind of person. Except for 40. I'm planning that one right now, and it's still almost 3 years away. Let me think about it a little more.

Aren't you planning a trip to San Diego maybe?