Sunday, February 14, 2010

More from Linchpin

"Organizations that earn dramatic success always do it in markets where asymptotes don't exist, or where they can be shattered. If you could figure out how to bowl 320, that would be amazing. Until that happens, pick a different sport if you want to be a linchpin."

"Work is a chance to do art. Good art is useless and banal. No one crosses the street to buy good art, or becomes loyal to a good artist. If you can't be remarkable, perhaps you should consider doing nothing until you can. If your organization skipped a month's catalog because you didn't have anything great to put in it, what would happen the next month? Would the quality and user delight of your product line improve?"

Raising the bar is easier than it looks, and it pays for itself. If your boss won't raise your bar, you should."

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H said...

I've always believed in raising the bar. Life is just boring if you settle for mediocre. Shoot, I guess I should raise the bar in my house, get a little more done and have a little more fun.