Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Some Interesting News on the Deficit Front

Turns out the Supreme Court and the Economic Recession might in some weird way result in lower long term deficits...

The long term deficits, despite what any conservative who wants to blame it all on Obama will tell you, is going to be coming from increasing in medicare and social security benefits.

In this article this economists describe how the deficits may be reduced by cutting benefits instead of increasing the payroll tax:

1) The recession is forcing baby boomers to work longer - which will decrease their dependence and demand for government aid.
2) The Supreme Court decision to decrease regulation on businesses to spend money on elections will increase their influence and decrease the influence of elderly. The ability of government to increase the payroll tax will no likely be affected.
3) The ability of Barack Obama to raise money and political activism from the young will no doubt be duplicated by future politicians again increasing their political influence at the expense of the elderly.

Now, if we could just allow more I'm a Mormon. I'm a software developer. We home school. And of course, I love politics. I strive to remain a political independent, but I find I have most in common with those on the left side of the political spectrum, at least for now. On this blog you'll find mostly political posts, but a variety of other stuff as well. Thanks for coming.

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