Saturday, January 1, 2011

What Did I Ship in 2010?

In my last post I linked Seth Godin but I didn't read carefully and I missed the last part of the post:

"Your turn to post a list somewhere... You'll probably be surprised at how much you accomplished last year. Go ahead and share with your friends, colleagues or the web... don't be shy."

Then, my friend Helena posted this in the comments:

"I look forward to Sara telling me all your great new goals. I also look forward to seeing what you "shipped" last year, if you plan on posting it. I think I'd have a hard time claiming something like that, especially after reading Seth's(?was that his name?) list."

So, I challenged her, I'll make my list if she makes hers.

Here's a partial list of what I shipped in 2010:

Church Calling Related

  • The ward's Father's And Sons Event

  • Spring Barbecue for the Elder's Quorum

  • Summer Pizza and Splash Pad Event for the Elder's Quorum

Brief note about the last two: These are two events that have become a tradition for the quorum, we've done them now for three years or so straight, and they've always been pretty well attended. I organized them originally because I've been in Elder's Quorum callings now for a while and I just had this voice whisper in my head - be aggressive, be aggressive. Which is another word for just shipping. And that's what I did.

Work Related
I'm a little timid to go into too much detail here, but in 2010 I was part of a team that delivered two major releases - the first is on the live site right now and if you paid with PayPal in 2010, chances are good you hit some code I wrote. The second will be released in 2011, but we turned it over to test before the holidays, so I'm counting it.

The second major work thing I did was to present a 40 minute tech talk to the Scottsdale development center. It was my first, and I hope to do more this year.

Home and Family

  • Laminated three of our four bedrooms

  • Was the assistant coach of our son's soccer team

  • Organized a violin concert for our oldest daughter to raise money for JDRF

  • Led a team to raise $2000 for JDRF for diabetes research.

Those are my major "shipping" accomplishments for 2010. I look forward to hearing about yours.

Helena, you're now on the hook.


H said...

Ugh. Your list looks so much better than mine. What do I have that's tangible?!!! (I'm working on it)

tempe turley said...


I don't think it has to be tangible. Just something that benefited someone else (or yourself) and took effort and extended yourself in some way.

I'm sure you have more than you admit :=).