Friday, February 6, 2009

It's going to be a long time before I vote Republican

I cannot fathom how horribly dysfunctional this current incarnation of the Republican party has become. Not one vote for the stimulus bill in the House, very little apparent support in the Senate. Even after all of the efforts Obama has made to garner bi-partisan support. What's worse, it appears the Republicans have made every effort to weaken the stimulus bill even as they continue to vote against it. It all has the stink of ugly partisanship.

The thing is that this crisis is suited perfectly for Democrat-style solutions. Republicans need to show a little more pragmatism than they are currently showing. Its not a game to enhance Republican political power. Our government should actually think of solutions that will actually help this country.

Sorry, McCain and Kyl, you've lost my vote.

Here's Obama explaining the stimulus and its importance:


Jeff said...

If the democrats were approaching this bill from a partisan basis, it would have been approached with fewer tax cuts, Obama's first trip to visit the legislators at the Capital would not have been to the Republicans, and some of the ideas in the bill would not have been dropped through the amendment process. Even with the new compromises, without some of the proposed infrastructure, cuts in various spending suggestions, and an increase in tax cuts, only 3 Republicans in the senate are slated to vote for it. The “compromise” has 40% in tax cuts, so it appears that there is no conciliation that the GOP leaders will accept. It is almost as if they are viewing anything more than 40 votes in the senate a majority and negotiating as such. (This is the group that viewed democrats as obstructionists 3 years ago, while last year shattering the previous record for filibusters.)
My apologies about the angry post, but while most everyday republicans and democrats in today’s society see the need for compromise, I am appalled at the disconnect with the average American worker and political power play demonstrated by the GOP leadership.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting Scott. I missed it last night. It's been so great to see him as the prez.


tempe turley said...

Shelley, I agree, every time I hear Obama speak I just say, "yes". A really remarkable president so far.

Jeff, I also agree. The Republican party needs to reinvent themselves. I'm hoping for more seats lost in 2010 as a sign that they are losing their way. I'm more hopeful that new leaders will emerge in that party to show them a new way forward.

Writermama said...

it was completely shocking to me that the republicans acted so childishly. hmmm, maybe i wasn't so shocked. but NO repub votes in the house? REALLY?! It did feel very petulant, childish. And i'm glad you're not freaking voting republican.