Monday, February 16, 2009

Phoenix in the top ten most desirable cities?

Loved this op ed by David Brooks right here where he says that Phoenix is one of ten cities that people most want to move to:

"Third, Americans still want to go west. The researchers at Pew asked Americans what metro areas they would like to live in. Seven of the top 10 were in the West: Denver, San Diego, Seattle, San Francisco, Phoenix, Portland and Sacramento. The other three were in the South: Orlando, Tampa and San Antonio. Eastern cities were down the list and Midwestern cities were at the bottom."

And this one:

"If you jumble together the five most popular American metro areas — Denver, San Diego, Seattle, Orlando and Tampa — you get an image of the American Dream circa 2009. These are places where you can imagine yourself with a stuffed garage — filled with skis, kayaks, soccer equipment, hiking boots and boating equipment. These are places you can imagine yourself leading an active outdoor lifestyle."

"These are places (except for Orlando) where spectacular natural scenery is visible from medium-density residential neighborhoods, where the boundary between suburb and city is hard to detect. These are places with loose social structures and relative social equality, without the Ivy League status system of the Northeast or the star structure of L.A. These places are car-dependent and spread out, but they also have strong cultural identities and pedestrian meeting places. They offer at least the promise of friendlier neighborhoods, slower lifestyles and service-sector employment. They are neither traditional urban centers nor atomized suburban sprawl. They are not, except for Seattle, especially ideological, blue or red."

It's funny because the cities I would like to move to are on this list, including:

Austin (not on the list), Seattle (tons of high tech - beautiful weather, cool downtown), Portland (my sister lives there), and Denver.

Would love to move to San Diego or San Fransisco - but too expensive.

On most days, though, I'm happy to be in Tempe, AZ


Anonymous said...

Wherever you go, there you are.

proud parents said...

Seattle is my favorite city. I hate Phoenix. Okay, maybe hate is too strong a word, but there you are. Actually, there I am!