Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Huppenthal wins the nomination - what???

So, you have two candidates running for State Superintendent of Public Instruction.

Here's the first candidate's resume:

- Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering, Masters in Business
- Eight years a city councilman
- Eight years as a State Senator
- Four years as a State Representative
- Six more years as a State Senator

All pretty impressive but none of it all that related to schools.

The second candidate's resume:

- Bachelors in Education
- Taught English at Glendale High School for 12 years
- Received the Achievement Above All Award
- Served as a teacher mentor for Washington High School in Phoenix for three years.
- Assistant principal for student services at the school for three years.
- Served for 10 years as principal of Glendale High School.
- Recognized as one of the nation's top principals.
- For one year, served at the district office level as administrator for curriculum and instruction.
- She was appointed to the position of Advisor to the Arizona Superintendent of Public Education and later to the Associate Superintendent for Academic Achievement at the Arizona Department of Education.
- Later she was appointed Deputy Superintendent of Public Instruction.

In summary, one is a career politician with no experience in schools the other is a lifelong educator. They are running for State Superintendent of Public Instruction.

And the first candidate responds to a high school student this way:

Would you be shocked that the first candidate wins.... by a landslide.

Huppenthal does have better and more signs all over the state. Does Arizona even care about education?


Sean Elcock said...

Terribly disappointing. Huppenthal should know what he's discussing, and he should treat the student with respect.

H said...

Oh Scott, you know AZ doesn't care about education. That wasn't a real question, was it?!
Thanks for posting the interview. Pretty sad, I'd say.